Artist Statement

"Painting has always been a way for me to focus my thoughts and visually communicate." -T.Scott Stromberg

When one explores his work one will encounter reflections of his life and loves. Colors and textures fight for priority, subjects weave in and out-battling the plane of the canvas, and finally from chaos forms beauty. In his life all of this visual noise has always competed for attention. As the noise ebbs and flows, the visual tension follows suit-texture and color collide, subjects stare blankly €œlooking for understanding, and then in the final crescendo everything comes together.

T.Scott has always had a keen interest in history-the history of humanity, beliefs, art, his own family...where does he fit? His art has always been a way for him to explore thoughts and find ways to open up those conversations with others. Through his paintings one can deconstruct the Cubists, contemplate be-bop with Coltrane, deny ones academia, and through his work gain a better understanding of his life.

When viewing his work you will notice that it relies heavily on layers, color and texture-all frequently fighting an on-going battle for attention. The spontaneity of his work (and life) often relies on the ability to accept mistakes and to actively pursue options for correcting them

In his pursuit to understand his creativity he has also come to an understanding of his own imperfections. Understanding and accepting imperfection has become foundational to his life and work. Thank you for taking the time to explore T.Scott's work.